3 Key Takeaways from AOTMP’s 2018 Managed Mobility Services Market Landscape Report

Employee use of mobile devices has brought about one of the greatest shifts in modern history. And from a managed mobility services provider perspective - we see that when companies embrace mobility as a competitive advantage vs. "just a modern necessity of the workplace" - they reap exponential rewards.

Managed Mobility Services (or MMS) is a term used to describe the process management needed for a company to acquire, provision, and support smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Enterprises looking to gain a competitive advantage by streamlining the management of their mobility environment can look to AOTMP's 2018 Managed Mobility Services Market Landscape Report.AOTMP MMS Landscape report

In addition to outlining the biggest trends in enterprise mobility, the report includes detailed insights on 29 managed mobility service providers (including Renodis). You can learn more about the full report here, but the following are 3 key takeaways for enterprises looking to enhance their mobility strategy overall.

1. Many Enterprises Believe they Know What MMS Is, But The Industry Lacks Clarity

MMS stands for Managed Mobility Services, however enterprises are often understandability confused with this acronym, what exactly it entails, and the services included in this area. Some enterprises are confusing MMS with EMM, Enterprise Mobility Management, which according to AOTMP, is considered an overarching practice above MMS.mobility managed services

It should be a priority for Managed Mobility Services Providers to help organizations understand the meaning of these acronyms and what it means from the perspective of their offerings. In addition, industry jargon, or overuse - especially by vendors should be avoided.

Managed Mobility Services: How Does it Become a Game Changer for IT Depts?

CRITICAL: AOTMP also finds that many providers do NOT offer full MMS - they instead offer software over services. A software focus reduces load on the vendor which means there is less hands on time with clients compared to a full MMS offering. Successful MMS providers focus on managed services quality and a "hands on" approach to their services.

2. Enterprises are More Likely to Enlist the Help of MMS Providers

MMS providers are in great demand. Due to increased complexity, mobility is becoming more and more challenging for enterprises to manage on their own. In addition, organizations seek to focus internal employees on strategic, business-impacting initiatives.

How Managed Mobility Solutions Provide Mobile Security and Expense Management

3. There is Uncertainty Around Mobile Policies

AOTMP found that there is uncertainty within the enterprise user base about whether they have signed a mobile usage agreement. This uncertainty shows there is a lack of clarity around user responsibilities when it comes to acceptable user and security activities -- a big security concern for enterprises.MMS

AOTMP recommends a focus on continued education and multi-faceted training as well as enlisting the help of MMS vendors to provide best practices on policies.

There is no doubt that mobility is constantly evolving. Of course an enterprise mobility environment needs to be closely managed, but more and more IT Leaders are looking to managed mobility service providers to handle their complex environments. Enlisting this expertise brings enterprises:

  • increased employee satisfaction
  • lower overall program costs, and
  • more time back into the business.

In addition to these key takeaways, AOTMP also highlights Renodis as a national MMS provider with hundreds of enterprise clients, leading Net Promoter Scores, and rock-solid Mobility solutions focused on solving client challenges.

To learn how Managed Mobility Services from Renodis can help your organization quickly realize all the benefits of a complete enterprise mobility management solution, contact us today.

December 12, 2018 / Colleen Kranz
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