5 Step Telecom M&A Roadmap Guide

As the IT Leader of your growing company that's embarking on an upcoming merger or acquisition (M&A), it's your responsibility to ensure a strategic telecom roadmap that leads to an optimized network.

Here are the 5 steps to make sure you're covering your telecom bases in an upcoming M&A.


1 - Capture

  • Locate Invoices

  • Pull CSRs

  • Find contracts (this is hard!!)

  • Confirm portal access

  • Build location lists

  • Conduct Documented Site Surveys

2 - Organize

  • Load base data into the information model

  • Map contracts to inventory

  • Map Service Assets to locations

  • Capture important contract terms

  • Pull actual spend data off invoices

3 - Evaluate

  • Closed locations

  • Over-provisioned services

  • Unneeded features

  • High MRCs

  • Re-contracting opportunities, ETFs

  • Ring Outs: Alarm, Fax, elevator identification

  • High Mobile Data Users

  • Zero Usage Devices

  • Lack of Redundancy

  • Get quotes and service availability

4 - Roadmap

  • Findings and Recommendations

  • Timeline View of Actions

  • Executive Presentation

5 - Execute

  • Tactical Savings Capture and cleanup

  • Technology Innovations (SDWAN, SIP, UCAAS)

  • Vendor analysis based on technology needed, economic evaluation, service needs

  • Network Monitoring and Management

  • Renewals and re-contracting

  • Carrier Conversion Projects

  • Redundancy Implementation Project


If you lack the resources, expertise, or bandwidth to build and implement your telecom M&A roadmap, we're happy to consult.

Renodis manages Telecom environments for some of the country's leading brands.



March 03, 2020 / Colleen Kranz
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