5 Tips to Be Successful in Your First Internship, by Chue Yang, Renodis Genesys Works Intern

Meet Chue:

As part of the Twin Cities Genesys Works Internship Program - Class of 2018, Chue has been working with Corporate Partner Renodis, learning and assisting with many of the financial components of their Telecom and Mobility Management Solutions.


Chue assists with data monitoring to help clients mitigate overage risks and keep mobility costs low. In addition, Chue also assists in inventory management and documenting client savings in Renodis Vision™, a proprietary technology platform designed specifically to manage all tasks, activities and assets allowing actionable insights for clients.

Chue interned with Renodis his entire senior year of high school and will continue through the summer before heading off to the University of Minnesota in the fall pursuing his interests in Computer Sciences.

Draft Day with Chue

(Genesys Works Draft Day 2017)

Thanks for all your hard work Chue! We appreciate the opportunity to work and learn with you. - From your colleagues at Renodis

5 Tips to Be Successful in Your First Internship

by Chue Yang, Renodis Genesys Works Intern

Getting a first job or internship is a big deal because of all the new experiences and responsibility. I know getting my first job was a big deal for me and getting my first internship at Renodis was also a big change in my life. It was a challenge to learn new things and take on new responsibilities, but it became easier with the following five tips I learned from my colleagues at Renodis.

Honesty is the #1 rule:

Make sure you are always honest with yourself and your coworkers. It may be hard at times, but honesty is always the best policy. For example, if you are asked to do a job that you have questions about, feel free to ask your supervisor those questions. If you don’t provide honest feedback and communicate areas that you need assistance, you will eventually hit a stopping point. Remember, your supervisor’s job is to help you be successful, so feel free to give them feedback on what you are thinking.

Ask for a business card:

During your first meeting or interview, make sure you ask the people you meet for their business card. A business card is a good way to remember someone’s name, title, and have their contact information. Without a business card, people would have a hard time remembering who they talked to. A business card is also a good way to build connections with people. Without the help of the business card I got from my Renodis contact on Genesys Works Draft Day, my first day at Renodis may not have gone so smoothly.

Dress the part:

Every company will have different dress codes, so make sure you are aware of the policies. The Renodis dress code is business casual and everyone brings their own unique style into their workplace wardrobe. For other workplaces, consider the type of work you will be performing when choosing what to wear. For example, you might want to wear more casual and performance clothing for jobs that require you to carry a lot of heavy things. I choose to wear more professional attire as it also impacts how I feel and the professionalism I want to convey.

Time management:

Make sure you get to work on time or early every single day. At Renodis, I made it a habit to come to work at least 10 minutes early. It is also important to consistently work at a reasonable pace. If you work too quickly, your quality of work will suffer. However, it’s important to continually show progress and productivity. Find a balance that works for you and your role.

Be open minded:

Do not expect everything to go the way you imagined it would go. If everything went as planned, wouldn’t that be boring!? Without surprises, we would not be able to grow and improve ourselves. Be flexible and do not let mistakes push you down, see them as proof that you are trying.

In conclusion, your first job or internship will be a new and different experience because of the many new things to learn and new responsibilities to take on. Be patient with yourself – it will be challenging, but worth it and an amazing experience for growth. By following the five tips above, you can best prepare yourself for a new job or internship.

June 06, 2018 / Chue Yang
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