Are You Mandated for an ENERGY STAR Rating and Did You Meet Your Deadline?

Many cities are now mandated by benchmarking laws to have an ENERGY STAR Rating, and more are being added each year. By not complying with the deadlines for the rating or the annual reporting, fines and penalties are applied. Utility account information, 12 months of billing for each account and faculty data is needed to begin the process. Setting up the portfolio and entering the information can take time. 

What is the ENERGY STAR program? The U.S. EPA’s Energy Star program has developed energy performance rating systems for commercial and institutional building types and manufacturing facilities. These ratings, on a scale of 1 to 100, provide a means for benchmarking the energy efficiency of specific buildings and industrial plants against the energy performance of similar facilities. The ratings are used by building and energy managers to evaluate the energy performance of existing buildings and industrial plants. The EPA also uses the rating systems to determine if a building or plant can qualify to earn ENERGY STAR recognition. The information is used for benchmarking and reveals how a building’s energy consumption compares to that of other similar buildings of the same space type, based on a national average. Earning a rating of 75 or above is the first step towards achieving the Energy Star for a building.

What are the kinds of buildings mandated to have an ENERGY STAR Rating?

  • bank/financial institutions
  • Industrial facilities- manufacturing
  • courthouses
  • hospitals (acute care and children’s)
  • hotels and motels, houses of worship
  • K-12 schools
  • medical offices
  • offices
  • residence halls/dormitories
  • retail stores
  • supermarkets
  • warehouses (refrigerated and non-refrigerated)
  • data centers
  • senior care facilities
  • wastewater facilities

What cities are currently mandated? See the map below.


Renodis has services to set up an Energy Star Portfolio, enter your information, obtain an Energy Star rating, and file the information for compliance.


October 10, 2023 / Marketing Renodis
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