How Managed Mobility Solutions Provide Mobile Security and Expense Management


Now that employees and major enterprises are increasingly managing their businesses through mobile devices, there is a greater need than ever for secure managed mobility solutions that provide the highest level of IT efficiency. Trying to implement these measures on outdated systems and through existing structures is both frustrating and costly. Here is how the right managed mobility solution can deliver both mobile security and expense management capabilities.

Mobility Management Services

An organization that isn't utilizing mobile capability today is likely to end up behind the curve sooner rather than later. It's been found that organizations that lack mobile solutions will eventually lose skilled employees, have lower productivity among their workforce, and even have less satisfied clients.

A strategic mobility management system can not only improve these items within an organization, but it can also save costs. Employees become up to 25% more productive while at the same time the company spends 35% less on mobility. In addition to these benefits, there is greater overall security.

Enhanced Mobile Security

Now that employees and enterprises have shifted use to mobile devices, security has become an overriding concern. Fortunately, the top managed mobility solutions are addressing security issues with a variety of measures. Some of the ways that a mobility solution delivers security are:

  • employees and customers are asked to use a PIN code to access the system
  • when a device is lost, there are policies in place to wipe data immediately
  • devices are encrypted as are any data cards that are used in multiple mobile devices
  • a mobile VPN might be offered as a solution
  • mobile devices are given both antivirus and firewall capability.

Mobility Expense Management Solutions

One way that businesses maximize efficiency is through expense management. By enhancing the ability to manage expenses through a mobility solution, companies will begin saving on a grand scale. Just a few of the ways that mobility expense management is now possible include:

  • mobile invoice processing capability
  • proactive data monitoring
  • costs can be allocated directly to the GL, which eliminates errors and surprises
  • mobile inventory management solutions
  • wireless contract management to save time and reduce errors
  • ability to track expense per employee and per expense item.

Today's enterprise customers are demanding more flexibility with their mobile solutions. If left un-checked the expense of your corporate mobility environment can begin to increase to an untenable amount. The benefits of a managed mobility solution are many, and with security services now available, as well as the expense management capabilities, make these strategic solutions a strong contender for any enterprise that wishes to remain competitive.

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June 06, 2017 / Marketing Renodis
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