Mobile-First Business Strategy and the Consequences of Not Having One

Business woman talking on her mobile phone

A Mobile-First strategy in today’s world is in essence a paradigm shift, but one that stretches even farther than our current view of software apps and the internet.

It is the idea of FIRST thinking about the way information will be digested and the tools that will be used from the mobile device user’s perspective vs. having that as a secondary consideration.

And not just about information and access, it is about creating an entire ecosystem around the targeted business objective that encompasses all customer stakeholders, and yet also services the needs of employees as they deliver the products and services.

Across business strategy, process, design, applications, etc. – we now see those companies who have adopted a Mobile-First mindset reaping exponential rewards.

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November 11, 2017 / Colleen Kranz
Telecom Guide
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