Mobility: How to Make Small Companies Seem Big and Big Companies Seem Small


It’s all about perception, isn't it?  Since the era, the ‘mom and pop’ shop has tried to appear larger and more established to convey stability and credibility.  Large companies long for the deeper relationships with customers that small companies have.  Mobility is an unprecedented game-changer, allowing your business to alter market perception – here’s how.

How Mobility Makes Small Business Seem Bigger

Back in the 90’s it was more difficult to convey size when limited by a small workforce.  Pagers and cell phones were available, but not until the smart phone era have we seen mobility impacting workforce availability and accessibility.  To make a small company seem big, mobile employees should have access to:

  • Email
  • Order tracking systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Scheduling information
  • Mission-critical applications

Access to this information allows on the spot decision making and problem solving.  In addition, mobility can allow small businesses to join forces with other small businesses in partnerships where they can jointly provide services seamlessly to the client.

When a small company tries to seem larger, on-site visits with customers can be tricky.  But with the expanse of mobility, shared office spaces allow smaller businesses to come together to create the illusion of a larger office space.  Customers are reassured.  The ‘mom and pop’ shop has found a cost-effective way to appear big-time.  Given that most mission-critical technology now follows the employee, it’s really become irrelevant where he or she chooses to work.

How Mobility Makes Big Business Seem Smaller

Small companies have a huge advantage over big companies any day of the week.  They’re able to focus on their customers, above and beyond the norm, and build deep, strong bonds.  Many large companies lack this type of relationship with clients, but mobility now allows them to be more client-centric and resolve customer issues quickly.  To make a large company seem smaller, mobile users should be able to access:

  • Property asset tracking
  • Work order creation
  • Work force location
  • Dispatch tracking
  • CRM systems

Mobility Can Transform

While the grass always seems greener, whether you’re struggling to appear bigger or smaller, the identity crisis can be resolved with mobility device management.  Going far beyond the ability to answer a phone call while on-the-go, mobility can transform mediocre customer service into a dedicated responsiveness that transcends both the large and small business.

Do you feel your large/small business is affected by mobility?  Comment below!


Reynaldo Lyles is a recognized expert in mobility thought leadership, new industry standards in mobile device management and compliance, and the Mobility Practice Leader for Renodis Telecom Management.

December 12, 2012 / Reynaldo Lyles
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