Renodis Simplifies Mobility Management with Self-Service Mobility Portal

A Fortune 300 company rolls out Renodis Self-Service Mobility Portal, saving end users and help-desk time with easy-to-use device ordering portal, case management platform, and reporting functionality.

Managing a mobility environment can be daunting, from proactively managing to meet policies and business requirements, managing all financials, to managing all the assets, vendors, contracts and the support needs of the environment. Now, as more and more organizations are embracing and realizing the benefits of a mobile-first business mindset, the task is getting even harder.

An agricultural-focused Fortune 300 company knew its internal end users and IT teams were spending too much time on the many tactical activities of managing their mobility environment. From submitting and managing support cases, selecting and ordering devices and plans, to managing upgrade eligibility dates, they knew there had to be a better model for managing their environment. After an in-depth search of marketplace options, they decided to bring Renodis on-board to not only provide streamlined portal capabilities, but to manage their entire Telecom and Mobility ecosystem.

Easy to access, Seamlessly Connected with HR

A key requirement for the company was to ensure easy access for end users with single sign on capability. The Renodis Portal is also tied to the company's HR feed so user and hierarchy data is always up to date.

Easy End User Device Ordering

The device ordering capability of the Renodis portal was important to the company because it provided end-user flexibility and offloaded a tremendous amount of work from their internal help desk. Through a "shopping cart" like experience, end users select devices, carriers, or accessories from a predetermined list of options. The portal also allows management of upgrade eligibility and access to order history.

End-User Support

The Renodis portal allows end users to easily open new cases, view status, and provides managers capabilities to approve orders. Since the portal is tied in with the company's HR, requests are quickly routed to the right person which enables timely fulfillment of orders.

Self-Service Reporting

The company can easily view all mobility inventory of devices and assets by category with easy-to-use dashboards and graphs. Financial reporting shows invoice details, monthly reports, billing accounts, contracts and vendor details.

Powered by the Renodis VisionPlatform

The Renodis Portal is powered by the Renodis Vision™ management platform, a purpose-built, cloud-based technology platform used to manage the lifecycle of client communications environments which includes assets, locations, spend/GL, contracts, tickets, and SLA.

To learn more about the Renodis Mobility Portal and how Renodis Managed Services frees clients from Telecom and Mobility frustrations, contact us today.

March 03, 2019 / Colleen Kranz
Telecom Guide
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