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The Role of Energy Benchmarking Mandated Reporting in Driving Sustainability

October 30, 2023

Energy benchmarking-mandated reporting is a regulatory requirement that mandates certain entities to report their energy usage and performance data to a designated authority. This reporting is...

Waste to Watts:  Energy Efficiency in Hotels

October 02, 2023

As sustainability becomes an increasingly crucial aspect of the hospitality industry, hotels are actively seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint. One significant area where hotels can...

Optimize Cost Savings and Sustainability Goals

October 02, 2023

In today's business landscape, businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious. Renodis provides energy services to businesses looking to maximize operational efficiency and adopt effective...

Beat Winter Energy Bill Surges for Your Facility

August 28, 2023

Winter can wreak havoc on your facility’s energy bill. Taking steps to winterize your building can help you save energy and money. Reducing energy bills during winter can be achieved through various...

6 Ways to Green Your Business

July 07, 2023

Bringing sustainability into the workplace is a long-term commitment, whether you manage two employees or 2,000. There are simple, easy things you can do to go green. Operating a green business is...


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