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HOTEL-ert! Safety with Panic Buttons

October 30, 2023

Safety concerns are taking center stage and driving hotels to explore innovative measures to ensure the well-being of employees and patrons. One way this is being achieved is through panic buttons....

How Integrated Mobile Financial Management Should Work

March 23, 2018

Improving financial management practices within your organization is never easy, but optimizing mobile financial management can be a nightmare. Multiple carriers, many contracts, managing mobile...

7 Brilliant Smartphones that Tanked

November 13, 2013

Every smartphone manufacturer is looking to develop the next big thing. The explosion of apps in the last ten years combined with rapid device innovation has created a climate of unprecedented...

So I Have a Smartphone and a Tablet, Where Does My Laptop Fit In?

October 16, 2012

When laptops hit the market they were a rage – everyone had to have one. No longer was the global workforce chained to a desk, for with the laptop came the liberating freedom of mobility....


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