Telecom M&A Strategy - The 5 Must-Ask Questions for any CIO

You're the CIO of a successful enterprise and you find out a merger or acquisition may be in your company's future.

Exciting times for sure! But if you're like most CIOs, this also means dealing with the most DREADED assets in IT... ("covers nose and holds paper bag away from face")

...the Telecom Network.

The struggle is understanding exactly WHAT you (and/or the other firm) have, what you're PAYING FOR, and what you need GOING FORWARD. Think technology, contracts, billing, inventory, and support.

Businesses that don't handle this correctly end up wasting money, impacting day-to-day operations and resiliency, and making the WRONG choices which extends the chaos for years to come.

We've seen it happen often in our decades in Telecom - and have been called in to clean up some very expensive mistakes.

When considering your future Telecom strategy in light of M&A news, make SURE you are asking the below 5 questions to ensure a start along the right path.


1 - Are you responsible for understanding Telecom at the acquired company?


2 - Does the acquired company have a complete telecom inventory? (CSRs, contracts, authorization, portals, location lists, documented site surveys, etc.)


3 - Does either firm have decentralized Telecom billing/payment? (decision-making, business practices at division level vs alignment with corporate vision)


4 - Do you have the resources and knowledge to manage a roadmap to bring the communications platforms into alignment? (SD-WAN, Back up, WAN, voice, data center, cloud enablement, mobility)


5 - Is there any business risk due to lack of contract visibility? (term liability, etc.)


If you lack the answers to any of these questions, we're happy to consult.

Renodis manages Telecom environments for some of the country's leading brands.



March 03, 2020 / Colleen Kranz
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